Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunnyland Slim & Little Brother Montgomery - The Chicago Blues Session

"I met Sunnyland Slim in St. Louis Jimmy's basement rooms where he lived underneath Muddy Water's house. We had a solid two-day session of blues there, with singers, guitarists and pianists wandering in, playing for a while until their places were taken by other visitors. My field recorder was working overtime as a veritable 'Who's Who' of Chicago blues took part in the music. …The liqueur flowed and so did the music. John Steiner recorded it 'as it came' with as little interference with the informality of the session as was possible; glasses were filled, emptied and filled again; jibes, shouts and comments went on tape with the music. The result was 'authentic blues' – the blues and boogie of Chicago as it was then and is today, played and sung by some of the best exponents, no holds barred, without fake or 'folk.'”

Informal sessions supervised by Paul Oliver in 1960 that has been released on a variety of labels over the years. 
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