Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chicago Slim Blues Band - Love Me, Or, I'll Kill Ya!

"The boys in the band like a direct romantic approach to the blues. Read the song titles. They also like play Chicagoblues with a lot of amplified harp and slide guitar. In fact, the boys have been playing their blues that way since the late '50s, when they first sat in on South Side club dates with Muddy, Wolf and Johnny Young to name only a few of theold blues masters. Slim uses o 200 foot cord with his harp because he likes to get close to his audience, or on top ofthe bar. Slim says certain notes were meant to played up high. Forget the cheap imitators who learned their songs secondhand. The Chicago Slim Blues Band live and play the blues all the time. Quite simply the Chicago Slim Blues band is the best 3/4-white blues band in Chicago, maybe anywhere. There is certainly no other band like them. As the boys in the band and Barrelhouse say, 'Better Buy This Record!'~~from headline banner in Living Blues (1980)

LP was re-released on CD in 1990 with 4 extra tracks. Also checkout Youtube for some live tracks taped in the 80's.



Anonymous said...

I have a version of the title song, which I recorded on videotape from a German TV broadcast, but I don't know who played it. The words are a bit different, the first verse goes something like: Love or I'll kill you
I will cut your ass right down... sung two times. then: gonna wrap you up in butcher's paper and spread the grizzly pieces all over town.
Any idea who the artist is.
Thx for your good work.
From Essen, Germany Buddy.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Slim version is a slow blues in E, it has these verses:
1) Love me or I'll kill ya, Little girl I got to hang you upside down(2x), love me or i'll kill you and you'll be swinging from the biggest tree in town
2) Love me or i'll kill ya, I gotta cut you from ear to ear (2x), love me or i'll kill ya,when I'm done no one gonna be calling on you dear
3) Love me or i'll kill ya,I'm gonna shoot you all day long (2x), love me or i'll kill ya, baby if you don't love me right, baby you know you're wrong.

The album credits that song (all songs except two) to Chicago Slim.

the song you have would seem to be by Guitar Pete ( and is similar but different... it's on youtube at

Anonymous said...

Thx for your comment, but the version I have is not by Guitar Pete.

I'll keep on searchin' ...

Anonymous said...

Tracks 2 and 3 are titled reverse of what they should be.
The graphic of the album cover is correct and has the right assignments.


Kill Me or I'll Love Ya

Xyros said...

Thank you for the correction. Mistake is due to tagging from internet and not checking .... I'm lazy.

gym said...

I bought my first amp from this guy in about 1978. He had a tiny little guitar store on Sheridan Rd. on the north side. (He lied to me about it being a pre-CBS but I'm over it now)