Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bobby King - Complete Recordings

Bobby King, vcl/g; Rosemary King, vcl on *; Sonny Thompson, pno; band. Cincinnati, Oh. 21 novembre
01. Cheapskate*
02. So nice to be loved*
03. Thaks Mr Postman
04. I want you to rock me
Bobby King, vcl/g; band. Cincinnati, Oh. 16 août 1962
05. Two telephones
Bobby King, vcl/g; Sonny Thompson, pno; band. Cincinnati, Oh. 12 juin 1964
06. What a day what a night
07. Wasted
Bobby King, vcl/g; band. Chicago, Ill. 1968
08. Froggy bottom I & II
Bobby King, vcl/g; David Bloom, g; Nick Charles, bs; Roosevelt Shaw, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1 mai 1969
09. My baby sure do love me
10. Left me alone
11. Everyday I have the blues
Bobby King, vcl/g; Leonard Gill, g; Muddy Waters Jr, vcl on *; Harry Mitchum, bs; Bill Warren, dms.
Chicago, Ill. 9 octobre 1975
12. Reconsider baby
13. My babe
14. Everyday I have the blues
15. Sweet home Chicago
16. The Chaser
17. Old folks boogie*
Bobby King, vcl/g; John Bishop, g; James Davis, pno; Roger Bacon, tpt, Steve Berry, tb; Ken Clark, t-sax;
George Patterson, a-sax/flt; Bernard Reed, bs; Jimmy Tillman, dms/perc. Chicago, Ill. 19 août 1977
18. Bobby's shuffle
19. Bad luck blues
20. Three o'clock in the morning
21. My darkest hour
22. Hoochie coochie man
23. Sweet home Chicago
24. One step back
25. Everyday I have the blues
26. Stormy monday
27. Please love me
28. Make up your mind

Thanks go to Blue Eyes for the tracks above.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Thanks also go to HM for a copy of the original tape "Jimmy Tillman - 21st century rhythm & blues band with Bobby King" with  tracks 18-28 which include a spoken introduction by Jimmy Tillman that is not on the first posting.



Jahel said...

load it 3 times
same problem with Part2)\KINGBobby11 Everyday I have the blues.mp3 (the rar is corrupt....

Xyros said...

Everything worked ok for me using winrar 5.01 evaluation copy. 7 Zip will also do it.

soulpapa said...

It worked fine for me with WinZip. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare recordings -
You are always fantastic for blues lovers

jmmyjam said...

Thanks so very much for posting this great album. I am trying to do some research on Bobby King. Does anyone know of any sources which have information on his life. He is from my hometown and I am writing a book on area artists. Can't seem to find anything on the web. Would love to include Bobby King in the book. Thanks!

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@jmmyjam: Glad to see that some people are alos interested in Bobby King. He really was a great guitarist and bluesman and if his life hadn't been doomed by bad fate, he certainly would have become one of the "Kings" of the blues.
I wrote a short bio of him on my blog
For more infos you should ask to Jim O'Neal through his site
Jim was the founder of the very first US blues magazine (Living blues) and, living in Chicago, he knew Bobby King personnally.

Bob Mac said...

Hi Gerard, what's the latest on Jim O'Neal? I read somewhere recently that Jim was very ill with cancer but haven't heard anything since then.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Bob Mac: Fortunately, Jim is quite well by now and working hard as ever with his bluesoterica thing. He has just unveiled in a recent article in Living Blues the mystery surrounding Casey Bill Weldon, finding his dates of birth and death, his family whereabouts and the fact that Casey Bill was not at all Memphis Jug Band's Will Weldon.

jmmyjam said...

Gerald, thanks for the info on Bobby King. I did some further research. Please note that Bobby King is from my stumping grounds in Jefferson County, Arkansas. He was not born in Little Rock as this is Pulaski County. This information comes from the research of blues scholars Bob Eagle and Eric LeBlanc in their most recent book, Blues: A Regional Experience.