Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lightnin' Hopkins - Let's Work Awhile

Recorded in 1964/65 and originally released on the Pickwick label in the USA as "King Of The Blues".
Nothing special here from Lightnin' but still an enjoyable album.
It's always a wonder to me why someone would pay say $75 for this release and $15 for the American release when the music is the same. OK, I know Blue Horizon is a vinyl collectors dream but there are limits to how far one goes.



marc(fr) said...

I didn't check it out completely , but it looks like this is the same Lp as was released (certainly later) on Jsp : Lightnin' Hopkins - Electric Lightnin (Jsp 1067). Some song titles were changed but it is the same music .

Xyros said...

Thank you Marc(fr) for the extra info, haven't seen the JSP release before.