Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Arbee Stidham - There's Always Tomorrow (Repost)

A1 Please Let It Be Me 2:21
A2 I Stayed Away Too Long 3:36
A3 There's Always Tomorrow 3:17
A4 You Keep Me Yearning 2:40
A5 Tired Of Wondering 3:46
B1 If You Just Hold On 4:02
B2 Take The Pain From My Heart 3:07
B3 My Lincoln Continental 3:51
B4 What Would You Do If You Were Me? 3:53
B5 People's Blues 4:25


Alan Balfour said...

I remember critics/reviewers of the day had very little time for this Folkways LP in 1973.

Despite its gatefold sleeve, the 1974 Mainstream LP, "A Time For The Blues", was very short on playing time - 15 minutes a side!

On the plus side, in 1982 Mr R&B Records collected together a superb collection of 1947-57 on their Crown Prince label with really informative sleeve notes by the late Juhani Ritvanen.

Sorry I'm rambling again......

Xyros said...

I wouldn't call it rambling but welcome additional info/insights into the artist or their releases.
Always welcome Alan.

Ioanna Mprg said...

thank you very much Xyros