Monday, June 9, 2014

Various - Live From Montreux Blues Night '72

Thanks go to HM for filling a request for this LP and to Blue Eye for also making the Lightnin' Slim and Jimmy Dawkins tracks available on his blog.
This might have been great to see live but as a double LP it has very little life in it.

Disc 1:
Disc 2:


Alan Balfour said...

Originally a gatefold double Excello LP (8026) entitled Montreux Blues Festival

This can be viewed at item 22 here

Much nicer artefact than the Verve effort but let down by the lacklustre event.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU on the Montreux 72 post.
Now my Curiosity of this set is satiated. Grabbing Now.
Thx -Ciao - Cheers JP9

Anonymous said...

thank you! Jimmy Dawkins is the gem on this rare lp. he's a real tasty guitar player.

greenlight said...

Thanks a lot