Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jim Brewer - Tough Luck

Tough Luck is Delta blues at its best — its words and melodies sing of the human condition in its most expressive manner. Listeners who enjoy Son House or Mississippi John Hurt will welcome the music of Jim Brewer.
Brewer sang blues in the understated mellow manner that seeps inside of you even as you drink and chat; his deep soft voice and the light knowing touch of calloused fingers on the strings picked out many layered patterns of blue.



Stylophone 350s said...

Many thanks to you and your wife.

Marek Minar said...

Really like this one, thanks!

Xyros said...

Yes, I liked it also. It's one of those low profile recordings, though it has been re-issued on cd in 2009, very few people really know about.