Sunday, August 24, 2014

Various - Blues From St. Louis Blues Anthology Vol. 5

Henry Townsend
- Cairo Blues
Arthur Weston
- Uncle Sam Called Me
George McCoy
- Things Have Changed
Jimmy Brown
- Two Trains
Ethel McCoy
- Bumble Bee
Henry Brown
- Webster's Blues

George McCoy
- Train
Arthur Weston
- Highway 49
Henry Townsend
- Christmas Blues
Clarence Johnson
- Baby Let Me Come Back Home
Henry Townsend
- Tired Of Being Mistreated
Henry Brown
- Henry's Jive

The last of the re-releases of the much rarer Adelphi lp's.

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Gerard Herzhaft said...

By the way, the Clarence Johnson here is none other than the son of Lonnie Johnson. He recorded a 45 with a small band in Saint Louis in 1964