Saturday, August 9, 2014

Various - Memphis Blues (Blues Anthology Vol. 1)

Nathan Beauregard
- Nobody's Business But My Own
- Lonesome To Myself
Sam Clark & Dewey Corley and Richard Harney
- Sunnyland Train Blues
Earl Bell & Marshall "Memphis Sonny Boy" Jones
- Catfish Blues
Mose Vinson & Backwards Sam Firk and Dewey Corley
- You Ain't Too Old
Mose Vinson & Backwards Sam Firk
- Bullfrog Blues
Sweet Charlene Peeples & Mose Vinson
- Tin Pan Alley
- Scood Up Be Doop Day

Furry Lewis
- Natural Born Eastman No. 2
Furry Lewis & Willie Morris and Dewey Corley
- New Turn Your Money Green
Joe Dobbins & Backwards Sam Firk
- Basin Street Blues
- Sweet Patricia
Gus Cannon
- Mule Gallop
Dewey Corley & Willie Morris and Furry Lewis
- Dewey's Walkin' Blues
Dewey Corley & Walter Miller
- Step It Up And Go

rec. in Memphis in October, 1969 and at the Peabody Hotel (Memphis) in June, 1970; prod. by Gene Rosenthal; cover drawing by Dick Bangham
Credit to Stefan Wirz for the discography. Where does he find the time?



Leroy Slim said...

thank you very much!!!

slipry said...

Wonderful stuff. Any chance that Vol. 2 might be posted?

Xyros said...

Volumes 2 & 5 will be posted soon and volumes 3 & 4 have been posted already. Glad you enjoyed the LP.