Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Various - Nothing But The Blues

One of the first, if not the first, blues LP's that I bought way back in the early 70's that introduced me to some of the best blues around. OK, there is no Muddy or Howlin Wolf but you get the great J.B. Lenoir, Doctor Ross, Juke Boy Bonner, Otis Rush and many more on the 2 LP's. Put together by Mike Leadbitter to go with the book with the same title. Essential reading at the time.
Thanks go to Rob for requesting it and giving me a chance to hear it again after so many years.



Rob F. said...

Much appreciated! Thank you Xyros. Rob F.

Alan Balfour said...

I too still have both. The book was first published by Hanover Books 22 April 1971, my copy of which Mike Leadbitter very kindly "dedicated" - To Alan with luv Mike.

Had Mike not died so tragically in 1974, I wonder what he would have made of the internet!

Xyros said...

Well Alan, I never met Mike but I think he would've embraced internet and all it's possibilities. Maybe even a Facebook account(said with smile.)

Anonymous said...

Yes I bought this too and in the 60's I bought The Blues Came Down From Memphis, another album that had an effect on me.

I to am anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this really nice collection, good mix of "deep" and popular artists. much appreciated.

Alan Balfour said...

The Blues Came Down From Memphis. I bought that in 1965 because I was attracted to the sleeve depicting six Sun 78 labels. Shortly after its release the London label lost the UK rights to Sun. In next to no time the LP became a "collectors" item, fetching silly sums of money at auction.

Charly records in 70s released a facsimile LP copy and a decade later on CD.

I digress. Nostalgia rules ok.

john said...

thanks for giving us the blues we need to hear. Thank You.