Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wilbert Harrison - Soul Food Man

The man who wrote "Kansas City"and "Let's work together" amongst others going downhill on perhaps his worst lp. Any lp with "On top of old smokey" is pushing it. Couple of tracks are reasonable but sound a bit to much like "Let's work..".
Track 3 side 1 has some ticks towards the end. I think the last owner of the lp must have slammed the arm down in pure despair after listening to the first 2 tracks.
Be a masochist and go for it.



Anonymous said...

thanks anyway

Xyros said...

At least there is one brave listner out there.

Anonymous said...

You're righ I'm not a masochist to take this lp.
Anyway thank you.
Slobo from B&H.

Retreat From Oblivion said...

I tried. Really I did. I'm pretty certain I gave this a listen at a record store this summer past, and I'm as confused now as then. "On Top of Old Smokey"? produced by Allan Toussaint?

All that aside, I appreciate your posting this record. Nice blog; challenging at times, but full of treats.


Anonymous said...

wow, im surprised at my fellow readers ignorance. fucking philistines. this is great post, and i really dig this album. wilbert created such a great, unique sound.

thanks man

Bob Mac said...

What's wrong with "On Top of Old Smokey"? That's my favorite blues song, I love it more than Dust My Broom & Rollin' & Tumblin' & Have You Ever Loved A Woman... ;-)