Sunday, August 31, 2014

Willie Mabon - Shake That Thing

This album was recorded in Toulouse, France and Amstelveen, Holland in 1973 and shows Willie Mabon in top form on vocals, piano, and harmonica playing all originals. He's backed by The Aces (Louis Myers, lead guitar; Dave Myers, bass; Fred Below, drums) and Jimmy Rogers (rhythm guitar) and what a great band they make! Solid performances throughout, and the recording quality is superb.
Thanks go to Blue Eye for providing the rip of the LP. It has been re-released on CD with 7 extra tracks so that's worthwhile looking for. I was at the the Amstelveen concert in the Bajes(?) and can remeber that I enjoyed it very much and I think Willie also enjoyed playing.



Argentino said...

Very dear Sir, I salute you with great respect and I appreciate. This album with the Myers brothers is genial and cool. Thank you very much.

Xyros said...

Glad you liked it Argentino

Anonymous said...

thnks !! great stuff