Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eddie Taylor - Same

Home made comp that I picked up at record fair for next to nothing. Seller told me that it was made for him by the editor of an English R&B magazine ... could be. The live tracks are the interesting ones and the quality is very good.


kempen said...

only this words: WAW !!

Steve626 said...

Thank you for this one. It's been a while since I've seen 'new' Jimmy Rogers, so I'm very excited to hear this!

Steve626 said...

Sorry, meant Eddie Taylor - had Jimmy on my mind!

Marineband said...

Looking forward to this and thank you again for sharing.

Bob Mac said...

No text file or tags so here's the tracks...

01. Bad Boy
02. E.T. Blues
03. Ride 'Em On Down
04. Big Town Playboy
05. You'll Always Have A Home
06. Don't Knock At My Door
07. I'm Gonna Love You
08. Lookin' For Trouble
09. Find My Baby
10. Stroll Out West
11. I'm Sitting Here
12. Do You Want Me To Cry
13. Train Fare
14. Leave This Neighborhood
15. Somethin' For Nothin'
16. Going Down Slow
17. They'll Be A Day Baby
18. 13 Highway
19. Gonna Boogie
20. Hootchie Cootchie Man
21. Sloppy Drunk
22. Trainfare
23. I've Made Nights By Myself
24. Wreck On 83 Highway

Anonymous said...

Cheers for this. zdtch

Nappyrags said...

Mas righteous que la chingada...Muchisimos grass...

Gerard Herzhaft said...

The live session in Greenville (is it the true location? No trace at all of this) 1972 is quite good and very rare. It is in no discography at all, probably a bootleg, although the sound is quite OK. Has anybody an idea of who is playing with Eddie? He is backed by second guitar, bass and drums. Sometimes the backing guitarist reminds me of Lacy Gibson???

Xyros said...

@Gerard, I've placed your question in a blues forum ... maybe they can help out also.

Xyros said...

@Gerard, it seems that the live tracks are unknown in the collectors circle. People who knew Eddie at the time agree that it was taped in 1972. Most likely recorde in the same period as the Advent LP was recorded. The band is most likely a pick up band as they are not really familiar with the songs played.
Perhaps the best thing is that the music has been passed onto Eddie's family who look after his musical legacy.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thanks Xyros... I still doubt this has been recorded "live" in a Greenville club in 1972 without the adequate equipment. I agree this comes from post-Advent LP of course but I'm suspicious it has been recorded either in LA or in Chicago, maybe for the promo of the LP...

Anonymous said...

sailor strikes again