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Monday, February 12, 2018

Harmonica Williams - With Little Freddie

A1 Baby Don't You Know
A2 Juke Boy
A3 Sideways
A4 Declaration Day
B1 Born Dead
B2 The King's Special
B3 Williams' Special
B4 Highway 82
B5 Williams' Goodbye



Marineband said...

Man, this place is amazing!Thank you again and again!

Gerard Herzhaft said...

This LP was the second (and the last I guess) from the short-lived Ahura Mazda label from New Orleans (The first was a Robert Pete Williams LP which has been reissued on Fat Possom). This LP features the John "Harmonica" Williams (1921-2011) band, a down-home blues band that played here and there around New Orleans. Singer and harp player Williams hailed from Mississippi and came back in his home state in 1989. His fellow Mississippian guitarist is Little Freddie King who is featured on two instrumentals there. There is also a vocal by Newton Greer (Born dead is JB Lenoir's uncredited compo). Greer was the owner of a New Orleans blues club, The Crystal where Williams was sometimes featured. Greer used to sing with the bands one or two songs. I feel this very LP sold very poorly despite the fact that Born dead (correctly retitled Born in Mississippi) bw Hi-Way 82 were issued under the name of Newton Greer with Williams Blues Band on a Rew (a Greenville label) 45

Xyros said...

Musn't forget the Scott Dunbar LP which I think I posted earlier. The Harmonica Williams LP is the only Ahura Mazda release not yet re-released on Fat Possum.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Yes sorry... You're right, Xyros: the Scott Dunbar was maybe the first Ahura Mazda LP of the three. The labels' owners said at that time that they had recorded several other acts for forthcoming releases... I wonder where those tapes (if they do exist) could lay in whatever vaults today?

marc(fr) said...

Thanks for this fine Lp Xyros , the sound is great ( maybe a little more surface noise when there's no music than before , but it sounds very "natural" to me : THANKS !!

Alan Balfour said...

Ahura Mazda discography courtesy of Stefan Wirz

Anonymous said...

IIRC there was also a Robert Pete Williams 45 issued and they also used to sell a promotional T-shirt showing a hand with an extended middle digit. Emblazoned on it were the words-Bogulusa Salute!


imnokid said...

this is a great album.

LakerCrazy said...

Thanks for sharing this gem. I love that warm vinyl sound. Your hard work in ripping this release is appreciated.

muddyw123 said...


Franck Goldwasser said...

This used to be one of my "go-to" records, something like 40 years ago! It is with great delight that I will re-discover it. Thanks for the post.

Bob Mac said...

I also had this LP back in the early 70s, along with the Robert Pete Williams & the Scott Dunbar LPs. I especially liked the Harmonica Williams LP and it got played often. Today I have MP3 copies of all 3 Ahura Mazda LPs but no longer have the vinyl albums.