Saturday, December 10, 2016

Blues Harp Boogie 1957-1965

Floatin'Bridge records 1069.
Rare harmonica blues taken from outtakes acetates mostly unreleased.
The lp's are all near mint condition and what you hear is what is on the lp...pops, crackles, sudden ends and anything else. Cleaning the lp would effect the music to much.
Track listing on the back cover lists 8 tracks on side 2 but there are 9 tracks. I believe track 6 is "Beulah come back" and have tagged it as such.


Anonymous said...

You posted 9 tracks from the B-side. On the sleeve there are just 8 titles. I suppose track 4 is in fact the intro of track 5..., or am I wrong?

Oh, yes. Great blog. The best blues blog on the web.

Stas P. said...

found your download link on a russian board and couldn't believe that this
record made the long travel
to russia.

Right now I'm sure to give
the thank you for this record to
the right person.

Supersonic75 said...

So much great stuff on your blog, haven't checked it in a long time. Thanks very much!!

Xyros said...

@Alan, I read in the "Real Blues Forum" that George Paulus passed away at the beginning of November this year. Haven't seen any other mention of his passing on the internet though.

Alan Balfour said...

Yes, from making further enquiries I gather he did pass in November. Rumour has it that somebody has already made overtures in respect acquiring Paulus's 78s etc. In the days of printed media, when news wasn't as instant as now, it wasn't unknown for a UK collector to immediately jump on a plane and stake a claim.

Who knows....

marc(fr) said...

Great posts as usual ! thanks or all your work Xyros .
There's a little error in the tagging of this album : Tators and Matos (tarck 5) isn't by Kid Thomas : in the Blues discography of Les Fancourt & Bob McGrath and on Crb Lp 1080 "Chills and Fever" the song is credited to Hubert Sumlin with Birmingham Jones on Hc .

Anonymous said...

Great to see so many obscure records, and thankyou for sharing them with us here.

Alan Balfour said...

An update to advise that George Paulus's death was some form of cancer. George apparently had not been to a doctor in 40 years when he found a lump.

Tefteller has been named executor of the records.

pino said...

@xyros ...thank you .. !!