Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Various - Another Saturday Night

This was Oval's first album in 1974, and although we no longer control the rights to its material, Another Saturday Night belongs on our site as the first milestone in our journey. Almost all of the tracks were licensed from Jin and Swallow Records, an independent label based in Ville Platte, Louisiana, whose founder-owner Floyd Soileau made us very welcome on our scouting trip in 1972. At the time, there had never been an album released in the UK which combined French language Cajun music (featuring fiddles and accordions) with South Louisiana pop (sung in English and featuring saxophones, piano and electric guitar). In much the same way that the soundtrack album of The Harder They Come introduced a new audience to reggae, Another Saturday Night opened the door for UK listeners to the music of Louisiana.
This lp has been re-released on ACE with 6 extra tracks. Easy to find and well worth it.


Anonymous said...

I bought this on a whim fifteen or twenty years ago and have never stopped listening to it. A really incredible album with really different music.

Paddy Kane said...

Like anonymous, I bought this LP from Ace Records without really knowing what to expect but I was knocked out. A fantastic record.