Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pee Wee Crayton - Same

German release of recordings made by Johnny Otis for his Blues Spectrum label in 1974. Giving it a listen after about 20 years it doesn't sound that bad as I thought it did at the time.



ramson said...

Pee Wee Crayton - Same

Arrrggg!!.. what awful cover!!.. but music is very enjoyable.
Here original cover.. not great art, but more visible than german artifact.

Here all covers of collection:

Great thanks

Xyros said...

The idea behind the covers was that each one had a letter and with the complete set they spelled "rhythm & soul". Not a good idea as they are the most boring covers ever used for an lp. Why they didn't use some foto of the artist is interest the buyers I can't understand.
Thank you for the link to the original covers which are alot better.

boogieman said...

Bought them in Belgium at the time. They came under the Blues Spectrum label and had a photo of the artist on the cover. The music was on the whole rather disappointing (the PeeWee Crayton was probably one of the better ones). At the time there weren't that many vintage RnB albums available. The advantage of this series was that the albums were cheap and easily available (i remember buying the Joe Liggins, Johnny Otis and Louis Jordan in the local supermarket) Then i discovered the real thing with the Route66, Saxophonograph, Jukebox Lil' etc. reissues and that's another story
Your blog brings back a lot of happy musical memories. Cheers.

ramson said...

Pee Wee Crayton - Same

Yes, yes: not great music overall, but some is good. There is a 5 cd's bootleg compilation (Laserlight label*) with some tracks from all 13 lp's, but unfortunately are mastered from lp's and range from terrible to good sound.

The most interesting for me is Rev. Gatemouth Moore, because is a very good album and their recordings are rare, apart of his 40's-50's recordings for Savoy and King


*: The Johnny Otis presents: the best of R&B (Laserlight) 5 CD's

Anonymous said...

Merci pour toute cette bonne musique
Amitiés de France

Marineband said...

Thank you for posting, erm ... ok, not the most inspiring but, like most of you I'm biased when it comes to Pee Wee ...I liked it!