Sunday, February 22, 2015

Clarence "Frogman" Henry - Is Alive And Well Living In New Orleans ....

The Frogman doing a bunch of standards that are nothing really special to me but I'm sure some of you will appreciate it. Also rereleased on CD.



Alan Balfour said...

In 1974 I persuaded Pye Records (who then had the UK rights to Roulette) to release this 1970 LP.

It absolutely bombed and ended up being sold for less than £1. Even then they had piles in the warehouse these ended up being melted and the sleeves recycled for scrap.

I still have a copy and haven't played it since.

pujwa said...

Thank you Xyros ! I appreciate this very much !

Xyros said...

@Alan, why oh why this LP when there must have been beter LP's without a UK release at the time. Couldn't have made you very populair at Pye :-).
It's value hasn't gone up much either as I paid 4 euro for this German copy last year at a flea market.

Alan Balfour said...

Follies of youth I guess.

They didn't hold it against me and a couple of years later got me to compile a Buddy Guy LP from his 3 Vanguard sessions. That sold well enough to require a repress.

Their best blues sellers were two Pye various artists compilations in their Golden Hour budget line:

Great Bluesmen 1 Pye Golden Hour GH 864
Great Bluesmen 2 Pye Golden Hour GH 879