Sunday, March 1, 2015

Eddie Taylor - Ready for Eddie

On the exterior "Ready for Eddie" is a great electric Chicago blues outing which certainly doesn't disappoint in it's own right with lots of great guitar fills by Taylor and well picked material but at times such as the main highlight, the almost jazzy sounding bursting instrumental title track, it hints at going even deeper which really gives this album an edge over many other standard Chicago blues affairs. If only Brunning was playing on that
track, that would have been the cherry on top as I think it would have suited his busy stylings very well but it was not to be. He does play on many fine tracks here though like the opening tumbling blues-funk of "I'm a country boy", the rumbling shuffle of "Gamblin' man", a meaningful slow blues instrumental called "After hours" (which one may recall from Brunning's De Luxe Blues Band album "A street car named deluxe"), a slow stroller called "Too late to cry", "You don't love me" (which here has the strong punch but not the roll needed to pull it off), another clucking rumble called "You'll always have a home" and the tough closing tumble of "Playboy boogie". The others do deserve attention though as the howling stroll of "Seems like a million years" shows Taylor's overlooked vocal abilities and his version of "Sloppy drunk" measures up very closely to Jimmy Rogers & Left Hand Frank's go. (John Fitzgerald)
Thanks to Dr. Hepcat for the rip.



Alan Balfour said...

FWIW Big Bear LPs 1, 2 & 6 first saw light of day on the Munich label. Later they were re branded as Big Bear with new sleeves.

Around 1973-5 Jim Simpson did a deal with Polydor. Decades later these were rebranded as Big Bear. See Stefan's discography.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic collection! How can such a tasty guitarist be so little known?