Saturday, October 3, 2015

George "Harmonica" Smith - Blues With A Feeling, A Tribute To Little Walter

 George ‘Harmonica’ Smith’s first album, Blues With A Feeling - A Tribute To Little Walter (BGO) is welcome both for lovers of blues harmonica and the late blues giant. Smith was at the time in one of his stints with the Muddy Waters Band who back him as “The Chicago Blues Band” on a collection of performances that mostly derived from the recordings of the great little Walter Jacobs. The Muddy Waters Band of this time included Otis Spann on piano, Muddy Waters and Luther Johnson on guitar, Little Sonny Wimberly on bass and S.P. Leary on drums. On most of this recording they were also joined by Marshall Hooks, a guitarist who gigged with Smith and recorded with him on Smith’s singles for various Los Angeles based labels.
Of the original eleven selections, only West Helena Woman was not associated with Little Walter, who had died months prior to this recording. It had been a song Smith had recorded several times prior, but like the other performances here was a stunning sample of the classic Chicago blues sound. From the opening moments of Mellow Down Easy, this is classic Chicago blues as represented by the Waters Band. Spann is brilliant in support (listen to his accompaniment on Can’t Hold Out Much Longer while Smith sings and plays in a robust manner. His full-bodied tone on this perhaps is not as clean as Walter was on his best recordings, but had a sharpness to it. Another outstanding selection is the reworking of Last Night, which is a stunning slow blues performance that stands up well to Walter’s original. (edited review of cd reissue from In a Blue Mood blog)



brucem said...

A great find. There is a track of this on one of the Rhino Blues Masters comps and I always wondered what the rest sounded like. Funny they didn't do the title number.

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goinsidemyhead said... this ain't too shabby at all...nice laid back authentic blues vibe throughout from a very talented band...excellent unprocessed blues sound as well always appreciated...

MF said...

George Smith is truely one of the unsung heroes of bluesharp. He tutored such current greats as James Harman, Rod Pizza, Kim Wilson and greatly influenced one of my favorites, Mark Hummel. Anything by Smith should treated as if it emanated from the burning bush.

Steve626 said...

Thanks for posting another great record. It's a great album, and one of the best sounding George Smith records. For many years this was impossible to find - I had to resort to buying an otherwise lousy Capitol Harmonica Blues comp to get this back in the day.