Friday, February 5, 2016

Al King - Blues Master: The Complete Sahara & Shirley Recordings

1 On My Way
2 Reconsider Baby
3 Shimmy & Shake
4 Lingerin' Love
5 Think Twice Before You Speak
6 The Winner
7 My Money Ain't Long Enough
8 Blue Shadows
9 This Thing Called Love
10 Everybody Ain't Your Friend
11 Christmas Is Gone
12 Peace And Understanding
13 Don't Put Off For Tomorrow
14 Playing On Me
15 Get Lost

Thanks go to Kurt for sharing this with us and to Rob F for the cover scans.



Rob F said...

Thanks to Xyros and Kurt. Here are scans for the Al King CD:

12vjoe said...

Thanks very much!

mark sehgal said...

Amazing post