Sunday, May 9, 2021

Various - Goin' back To Tifton (repost)

A1 –Blind Donald Dawson - Rack 'em Slow
A2 –Buddy Durham - Jailhouse Blues
A3 –Sylvester Rankin - New York Boogie
A4 –C. D. Dobbs - Aberdeen Women
A5 –Buddy Durham - Goin' Back To Tifton
A6 –Fats Jefferson - Love Me Blues
A7 –John Carter - Some Got 6 Months
A8 –C. D. Dobbs - Sail On
B1 –C. D. Dobbs - You Know My Rider
B2 –Elroy Hart - Sunday Drive - Take 1
B3 –Buddy Durham - Blues All Around My Head
B4 –Sylvester Rankin - Vassapool Blues
B5 –Willie Morris - Broke Down Blues
B6 –Buddy Durham - Give Me A Little Camphor
B7 –C. D. Dobbs - I Had A Little Woman

Thanks go to New Blues Years blog for sharing


gracenotes said...

Many, many thanks, to you and Kurt for filling this important gap in my Flyright collection. What a pleasure to hear it at last. I could never have even hoped that my plaintive little remark would have led to satisfaction so soon.

Xyros said...

I was also very surprised that it turned up so quickly as it is a very rare record and all the credit goes to Kurt for sharing his copy.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Kurt & Xyros . i just read the "Visitors Requests" and i can help for a Flyright LP "Fishin’ In My Pond Flyright LP 582" . If it's still wanted please let me know (and give me some time because first i have to listen to that new Lp posted here) Merci encore !

Bob Mac said...

Greetings from sunny Pattaya and my thanks for this one also Xyros, plus the rare Smiley and the latest batch from Hartmut. Everything is much appreciated.

Xyros said...

@Marcfr, that would be great if you could share "Fishin' In My Pond" either here or on your own Blog.

muddyw123 said...

Tx Kurt & Xyros!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Once again a request for reup!