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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jimmy Johnson & Luther Johnson Jr. - Ma Bea's Rock (Repost)

A1 So Many Roads
A2 Crosscut Saw
A3 Ma Bea's Rock
A4 Feel So Bad
B1 I Believe My Time Ain't Long
B2 All Your Love
B3 You Gotta Have Soul
B4 My own fault



Franck Goldwasser said...

One of the first records I ever bought, when it was first released. Back then everyone thought those MCM records were junk. Now, we worship Marcelle Morgantini's memory for her legacy. We would've never heard of some of these guys she recorded if it weren't for her. There's some wicked shit on this LP, particlarly courtesy of Willie James Lyons. Guitar Jr.'s tone is badass! Thanks for posting, I'm gonna hear this again with great delight!

Xyros said...

I can remember buying a couple of the LP's and been a bit disappointed at the sound. But as you say we thank Marcelle Morgantini's for being ahead of her time and doing what she loved.

Xyros said...

@ Franck, please check your Facebook for a message.

Steffen said...

Thank you.

12vjoe said...

Wonderful! Thanks so much!

Nelgroe said...

Greetings...any chance of re-up one day? Thanks kindly...

Nelgroe said...

Thank you for re-post! MCM records are great! Real, raw stuff...