Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sugar Pie Desanto - Hello, San Francisco

A1 How Many Times
A2 A Matter Of Time
A3 Mama
A4 Straighten It Out With Your Man
A5 Git Back
B1 Dialog
B2 Hello, San Francisco (Part I)
B3 Hello, San Francisco (Part II)
B4 Strange Feelings
B5 Enemy
B6 Wha'd You Do That For?
B7 Keep Your Women's Lib


Thanks go to KansasJoe


snakeboy said...

Thanks for posting this hard to find LP.

12vjoe said...

Agree w/Snakeboy - thanks so much!

Xyros said...

Glad that both of you enjoyed this LP.

KingCake said...

woo hoo! Can't wait to hear it! Quite a find! Thanks Joe.