Friday, May 20, 2016

Muddy Waters - Sunnyland & Interview

This is, I believe, the original bootleg from George Paulus that was later bootlegged in the UK as " Vintage Muddy Waters - Sunnyland KS 100".
Originally it came in a plain white sleeve with a insert with the track info. Unfortunately the insert has disappeared along the way. The track listing is as you can see below is slightly different to the Sunnyland UK version and it's really only for idiots like me.

1. My heart
2. Real love
3. i believe & studio talk
4. Sun rose this morning
5. Intro band & interview
6. Mojo

1. Streamline woman
2. Standing here trembling
3. Smokestack lightning
4. Flood
5. Blues before sunrise
6. Crawling kingsnake



Anonymous said...


Steve626 said...


Count me in as another idiot - I love this kind of stuff. Thanks for posting.

daba said...

Thanks for this Xyros. Love old and obscure!

Steve626 said...


Any more details on this?

Bluesthinker said...

Very nice Thanks

Xyros said...

@ Steve626, sorry no more info than what I wrote and what is mentioned on Stefan's Sunnyland discography.

Bob Mac said...

Muddy Waters: Sunnyland + Interviews - Rare limited edition bootleg

I had this LP, got it back in the early-mid 1970s. Can't remember now how I got my copy but it would have been either from 78 Records store in Perth, or through the Australian Blues Society, either way it would have been imported directly, probably from the Blues Unlimited people. As already stated it came in a plain white cover which someone had written on with a felt pen. Inside were a couple of photocopied sheets, which we used to paste onto the covers. I also had the Vintage Muddy Waters, which was pretty much the same album but with far better presentation, being gatefold with lots of inserts.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

In fact, when Sunnyland issued those Muddy's Chess tracks, they had not been issued elsewhere. Since then, everything there minus two titles have been issued and reissued on many Muddy's comp and anthologies with of course a much better sound. The three "live" tracks here are from around 1968-70 and probably recorded by George Paulus himself on a concert he attended, maybe in Detroit or Chicago. There are:
Muddy, vcl/g; Paul Oscher, hca; Pinetop Perkins, pno; Pee Wee Madison, g; Little Sonny Wimberley, bs; Willie Smith, dms.
- Intro band
- Mojo
- Sun rose this morning
Those two live tracks have also been issued later on a French low coast comp called "Les Editions Blues LP401".

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac and Gerard, many thanks for the additional info on this LP. Like most of the old bootlegs everything has been re-released in better quality but to idiots like me they're worth while searching out. A bit of blues collecting history in a grubby white cover .... they could've use a brown bag and sold them under the counter.
Maybe this is your old copy Bob Mac as it comes from your home town :-).

Bob Mac said...

Good possibility it is my old copy Xyros. I was one of the biggest blues collectors in Perth back then. I sold my entire collection about 10 years ago to a private collector, so highly possible he's now selling various records off for good profit.

I just checked my old master lists (see below). I had 2 copies of Sunnyland KS100, my original copy that had been autographed by members of the Muddy Waters Band when they visited Perth in the mid-1970s, and the 2nd copy that came to me after a close friend died and his sister gave me many of his blues albums.

There is also #394 on my list: a rare untitled Muddy bootleg. I can't remember anything at all about this album, have no idea what was on it or where it came from, but it must have been some plain cover boot from the UK. The Australian Blues Society at that time had very close connections with Blues Unlimited and that circle of British collectors/researchers, so we were getting things from them immediately they became available.

392. Muddy Waters: Vintage Muddy Waters Sunnyland KS100 (with inserts and photos) autographed by Muddy Waters, Luther Johnson and Pinetop Perkins
393. Muddy Waters: Vintage Muddy waters Sunnyland KS100 (with insert notes only)
394. Muddy Waters: Rare limited edition untitled bootleg
395. Muddy Waters: Sunnyland + Interviews - Rare limited edition bootleg

Xyros said...

It gets even more interesting for me. believe the original George Paulus bootleg came in a plain white sleeve with plain white labels and one page insert. Possibly the Sunnyland & Interviews lp is a bootleg of the original GP Lp and the Vintage Muddy Waters on Sunnyland is a variation on the original GP lp with superior packaging.

Bob Mac said...

I'm racking my brains trying to remember what #394 was. My guess now is it was the original GP bootleg you mention here. Then I got hold of the Sunnyland + Interviews LP, then Sunnyland KS100. So quite possibly I had every edition of these rare Muddy releases.

So sad I had to get rid of my blues records but I had no choice. I live a very nomadic lifestyle and as my mother aged I knew I could no longer rely on her for storage. A large blues collection takes up a huge amount of space, so it had to go. These days I have a digital collection that's 20-30 times larger than my vinyl collection was, and I could keep the lot in my shirt pocket.... :-)

Steve626 said...

Gerard & Bob Mac

Thanks so much for the additional information. I appreciate getting the background to this album and knowing what's actually rare. Always so much to learn here!

Roberto Ferrari said...

Thanks a lot