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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Post War Blues Limited Editions

Hoboes and Drifters:
Memphis On Down:
Eastern and Gulf Coast States:

And for the track listings visit Stefan's site.


Bob Mac said...

Mistake with link for links to Chicago Vol 1.

Xyros said...

Link has been corrected

PotablavaBlues said...

Hi, the link to Detroit........ really download: Chicago (PWB1)

Xyros said...

Ok, there's something wrong with the my files. I'll check them out tomorrow and my eyes while I'm at it.

Xyros said...

Had some time over and the files should be correct this time .... sorry about the mess up.

Bob Mac said...

The link for Detroit is now corrected, however the tags for side 2 are screwed up. Tracks have correct titles but wrong artists. Not a big deal though, easy enough to rename them via Stefan's tracks listings...but just thought I'd point it out.

Bob Mac said...

Anyone using the track list from Stefan's site to retag Detroit (as I did) be careful, Stefan has only listed 7 tracks for side 1, he has left off track 8 "Sylvester Cotton & His Guitar - I Tried".

I've found this before a few times with Stefan's site, as wonderful as it is, and great credit must go to the man for the work he puts in, but there are often errors with the track listings, so you can't always just copy and paste, you need to check the tracks carefully, or end up with a jumble of misnamed tracks.

Xyros said...

Thank you Bob Mac for pointing out the mis-tagging. I've retagged according to the back cover and I hope it's correct.