Sunday, August 14, 2016

Earl Thomas - I Sing The Blues

Earl Thomas' debut album Blue...Not Blues blends the sensuality of Stax soul with the grittiness of modern electric blues. Given that Thomas didn't make this album until he had a particularly gruesome brush with death, it may seem a little churlish to point out that some of the songs are underdeveloped, but that's just a sign that it is indeed his debut. The real indication of his talent is the power of his voice and the way his best songs, such as "Nothing Left to Lose" and "The Way She Shakes That Thang," show that he has a knack for crafting memorable contemporary blues songs. That is what makes Blue...Not Blues a successful debut. (Allmusic Thom Owens)

A KansasJoe offering.


Lou Cypher said...

Thank you for this one, I'm a big fan of Earl Thomas!

lapiedra52 said...

Never heard about this one. Excelent as all Earl Thomas recordings.

Thank you, both, for this raritie.