Friday, August 5, 2016

Eddie Shaw - King Of The Road

A1 A Hog And My Horn 1:50
A2 Shaw Time 2:09
A3 I Dont Trust Nobody 2:57
A4 Blues In My Bed 3:10
A5 It Hurts 2:35
A6 Blues Men Of Yesterday 2:14
A7 Lookin' Good 2:50
A8 When The Rabbit's Got The Gun 3:06
B1 King Of The Road 3:47
B2 It's All Right 2:37
B3 Eddie's Rock 2:27
B4 Long Way From Home 5:13
B5 Good Timin' Twins 4:18
B6 Blues For The West Side 2:51

KansasJoe filling a request from Albert


Albert said...

Thank you so much Xyros & Kansas Joe, that's GREAT!!!

Crispy said...

Wow never saw this- Rooster Blues no less! THANK You