Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sherman Robertson - Married Blues

A1 Married Blues
A2 Sexy Girl
A3 Little Girl
A4 Let Me Go
A5 Blues Street
B1 Inside Blues
B2 I Want To Thank You Jesus
B3 City Sickness
B4 I Got The Blues Tonight
B5 Morning Blues

KansasJoe rip
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Lou Cypher said...

Wow! Huge thanks for this one!

Ballas said...

Thank you very much.

Steve626 said...

Very nice post. Thanks a lot.

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks Xyros for this and all the other posts here today, thanks also to KansasJoe and Hartmut for the goodies they have supplied. Everything is very much appreciated.

Albert said...

Thanks for this one !!!

Albert said...

Thank you so much Xyros & Kansas Joe

Anonymous said...

Thank you

I dont know a bout this one.