Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ted Taylor - Taylor Made For You

My Key Jumpback In My Hand
Home At Last
The Wolf
Feed The Flame
I Can't Take No More
Crumb In Your Bread Box Of Love
Steal Away
Get Your Own Woman
Only The Lonely Knows
Torch Of Love



Ballas said...

Great choice for share. Thank you very much.

LuckyFunky said...

hello , thanks for the album but i can not download it - it tells me there is a virus - can you reup please

Xyros said...

I scanned the file and there was no virus usig Eset32. It is possible that your virus scanner is warning you of viruses on the Zippyshare page, some scanners do that. Has anyone else aproblem with this file?

Anonymous said...

It may not be the file LuckyFunky is talking about but one of those annoying browser "scare" warnings that pop up (even if you use Adblock- Firefox that is prone, I know for certain). My advice is to just close the window. If it closes the download, just try again, usually the warning does not repeat itself.

Xyros said...

Yep, those scare warnings are very annoying but since I've started using Chrome with Adblock plus I very rarely ever see one.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

To me with adblock (and adblock plus) I have never those warnings and unwanted popups. It works with Firefox and Opera as well!