Sunday, November 20, 2016

H-Bomb Ferguson - Life Is Hard

A1 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - New Way Blues
A2 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Life Is Hard
A3 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Hot Kisses
A4 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - My Baby's Blues
A5 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - I Need You Baby
A6 –H-Bomb Ferguson, Varetta Dillard - Work For My Baby
A7 –H-Bomb Ferguson, Varetta Dillard - Double Crossing Daddy
A8 –H-Bomb Ferguson, Varetta Dillard - Tortured Love
B1 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Slowly Goin' Crazy
B2 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Peachin' The Blues
B3 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Sundown Blues
B4 –H-Bomb Ferguson - Good Lovin'
B5 –H-Bomb Ferguson - Give It Up
B6 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Big City Blues
B7 –H-Bomb Ferguson  - Bookie Blues
B8 –H-Bomb Ferguson - My Brown Fame Baby


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Looking forward to this one. H-Bomb is a great blues shouter.