Friday, November 11, 2016

Mickey Baker - Take A Look Inside

Make Your Bed Up, Mama 3:20
Don't Doubt Me 2:24
Take A Look Inside 2:50
Blues Fell This Morning 3:42
Diggin' In My Potatoes 3:35
Playing With Danger 3:18
I'll Always Be In Love With You 3:08
She Brings Out In The Animal 3:01
New York, New York 4:19
Tight Ropes & Bumpy Roads 5:15

Thank you KansasJoe


ramson said...

Great thanks!
Stereo is here to stay, I hope...LOL!!!


Xyros said...

@ ransom, you're been a bit optimistic as there are still rips that are in mono. I'll be posting these with note that they are in mono. New rips will be in stereo :-)

greenlight said...

Thanks brother

Days of Broken Arrows said...

My uncle Steve was good friends with Mickey. I shouldn't have taken this for granted and interviewed them both when they were alive. Would have been a great way to get insight into the NYC music scene in its golden era.

They also knew Ernie Maresca, who died last year. Life is short, if there's someone like this you can talk to I recommend doing it now.