Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jackie Ross & Little Milton - In Perspective

A1 –Jackie Ross I Like Your Loving
A2 –Jackie Ross Patching Up Your Wound
A3 –Jackie Ross Street Girl
A4 –Jackie Ross I'm In Love With You
B1 –Jackie Ross I Need You Baby
B2 –Jackie Ross We're Gonna Make It
B3 –Jackie Ross One Hand Wash The Other
B4 –Jackie Ross Let Me Down Easy
C1 –Little Milton Ain't No Fun To Me
C2 –Little Milton Teach Me
C3 –Little Milton I'm Back / And This Time To Stay
C4 –Little Milton No Matter Where You Go
D1 –Little Milton Love Master
D2 –Little Milton Nothing Beats A Failure
D3 –Little Milton The Cost Of Living
D4 –Little Milton I Think I'm Losing You

KansasJoe Post:


imnokid said...

Thanx for this. I've had the LP for years. Good to have in my digital library. You come up with some oddballs and I love it.

imnokid said...

I have had this LP for years. Quite hard to find. Glad to have it in digital format. Thanx!