Saturday, February 4, 2017

James Cotton - My Foundation

A1 Take Me Back Baby 2:55
A2 Hungry Country 5:55
A3 Dunn Got Over It 2:43
A4 Dust My Broom 4:19
B1 Take Out Some Insurance 4:18
B2 Killing Floor 3:07
B3 Don't You Know I Love You 4:12
B4 Clouds Of My Heart 4:05
B5 My Babe 2:52


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this Xyros, and all the other recent goodies, lots of nice things to listen to.

B flat said...

This looks like Cotton's release of Take Me Back on Blind Pig Records with a slightly different song sequence.Right?
Are there other volumes in the Cotton's Backroom series?
Thank you,

Xyros said...

@ B Flat, hadn't noticed that, well spotted. I don't there were any more releases in the Backroom series but I could be wrong. Anyone know of any?

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, what with all the good music from the other blogs I don't know how we can get around to listening to everything ... but I'll try anyway.

Bob Mac said...

@Xyros: I d/l so much I can't listen to all of it. But I just can't stop collecting, it's been my lifelong passion. I do a fair bit of travel in my car so that's when I do get to hear some of what I d/l. I have a little 8gig flash drive, so I load that up and stick it in my car stereo system and have a good listen while I'm heading down the highway.

Bombshelter Slim said...

Thanks for this blast from the past, had the vinyl when it came out (but of course it disappeared over the years). Great album!!

kristophermc28 said...

Thanks again Xyros.

As a friend at another blog said, "If my only regret on my deathbed is that I didn't listen to all of my music, I'll say I lived a good life".
I have to agree.

I got to see Cotton a few years ago, but I don't have all that much of his recorded material. Looking forward to this one.

Xyros said...

@ kristophermc, many thanks for all your comments (had to delete due to space), really appreciated them. Enjoy all the music and hope to see you around the blog.

Anonymous said...

Great post.