Saturday, February 25, 2017

Johnny Clyde Copeland - Houston Roots ( corrected tagging)

A1 Rock Me Baby (Take 1)
A2 Late Hours
A3 I Wish I Was Single
A4 Hear What I Said
A5 Please Let Me Know
A6 Baby Please Don't Go
A7 I Don't Want Nobody
B1 I Don't Want Nobody
B2 Night Time Is The Right Time Part 2
B3 I Need You Now
B4 Heebie Jeebies
B5 All These Things
B6 Rock Me Baby (Take 2)


Bob Mac said...

Just letting you know there are a couple errors with track titles and the last track is missing.

Xyros said...

Thank you Bob Mac for the warning.
Mix up was not checking the Discogs info with the track list on the cover. This has now been corrected.
Track B1 " Night time is the right time Part 1" and B2 Night time is the right time Part 2" look to me to be one track which explains why the rip is missing one track.

Lou Cypher said...

@Thank you very much for a Johnny Copeland I didn't own. I can never have too much Copeland!

Unknown said...

The link has expired.

Xyros said...

Link works for me.

Bob Mac said...

Xyros: OK got it all sorted now. Thanks, nice album.

KansasJoe said...

@Xyros: You are (almost)right with the new tagging. There are 7 tracks on side 1 and 6 tracks on side 2. On the lp is a track NTITRT Pt.1 and another track Pt2. I missed to separate the tracks. Sorry about that.

Xyros said...

Thank you KJ, problem solved.