Sunday, November 28, 2021

Harmonica Frank - The Great Recordings Of Harmonica Frank 1951-58 (re-post)

A1 Swamp Root 2:29
A2 Step It Up And Go 2:14
A3 Rock-a-Little Baby 2:35
A4 Howlin' Tomcat 2:47
A5 Goin' Away Walkin' 2:32
B1 The Great Medical Menagerist 3:02
B2 She Done Moved 3:16
B3 Monkey Love
Vocals – Larry Kennon  2:21
B4 Howlin' Tomcat (Previously Unissued Take) 2:41
B5 Rockin' Chair Daddy 3:22



Bob Mac said...

Are there any other recordings around by Larry Kennon?

Xyros said...

Not that I know of but I only checked the usual sites.

Bob Mac said...

I've done a few Google searches on Larry Kennon but the only thing that keeps coming up is Monkey Love, so perhaps that's where his recording career began and finished. Shame because it's a damn good song. I have all the H. Frank albums except this one:


Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, the Barrelhouse Lp is also on my wish list and I hope that it will turn up one day at a reasonable price. If not then I'd also be very happy with a mp3 copy.

Anonymous said...

hi guys,
is harmanica frank and harmonica frank floyd not the same guy?

Xyros said...

Yes, it's the same person. I've just stuck to the name used on the LP.

bosshoss said...

Any chance of a re-up? missed it first time around. Would be so much appreciated.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this re-up. I just checked and my copy is nice to get it again in 320.

Manhatan said...

Hi Xyros,

Big Thanks for this prompt Re-Up!
One of the very rare albums available on the Net