Sunday, May 7, 2017

Little Brother Montgomery And The Jazz All Stars

A1 How Long Blues 4:12
A2 Oh Daddy! 4:42
A3 Chicago Town Blues 4:58
A4 She's My One And Only Desire 3:23
A5 All Of My Love 2:50
B1 Little Brother's Boogie 5:52
B2 Your Love Is So Incredible 3:33
B3 Tishomingo Blues 6:13
B4 Mule Face 5:25


Ballas said...

Fantastic post. Thank you very much.

BobCat said...

Thank you for this rarity Xyros! Little Brother Montgomery's last recordings from 1982 (apart for two additional tracks recorded in 1966). 'Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans' from this session is on the Earwig CD 'At Home'.

serapion said...

I am very grateful to have this --

as grateful probably as BALLAS ...

AS FOR "fantastic post" I have had a gruelling experience of trying to get at the music because the title of every track comes up as not merely such as "How Long Blues" but
LittlebrothermontgomeryandthejazzallstarsLittlebrothemontgomeryandthe jazzallstarsLittlebrothermontgomeryandthejazzallstars --

all that mess!!! You get the full title and the full title again and the full title twice as a trackname. Those as exasperated as I felt might welcome the advice to rename the zip file LBM -- which should cut out a lot of the names which are in effect so long the zip file opening software can't handle them.

Gratitude for sure, but kill the long title first if unzipping -- is a decent piece of advice.

Xyros said...

@ Serapion, got to agree that it is a mouthful and I could have shorten the tagging. I use mac software that uses the tagging from Discogs and the tagging system I prefer is what you get. If you're using Mac try Bandzip or for Windows 7zip both will solve most problems with unzipping and retag to whatever you like.

Here is what I get after unzipping: 01 - Little Brother Montgomery and the Jazz Allstars - Little Brother Montgomery and the Jazz Allstars - How Long Blues

if I'd been awake I would've retagged to: 01 - Little Brother Montgomery - and the Jazz Allstars - How Long Blues or track nr. - artist - album title - track title

Bob Mac said...

I've also had problems with these very long file names. I use Windows 7 and have several different unzippers, including Bandzip. But sometimes when these file names are sooooooooo long everything locks up. I can't delete or rename files to shorten them. Have to reboot and use Unlocker to try do something with the files. I've often spent 30-40 minutes before I've finally managed to successfully unpack an album and get those file names shortened.

Don't want to complain as I greatly appreciate the generosity of all the blues blogs. But just want to let you all know that for those of us who are using Windows these extra long file names are a problem.

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, easy solution is to buy a Mac :-) but that's overdoing it. I'll try my best to keep the tagging short in the future as most visitors are on Windows.