Friday, May 5, 2017

Various - The Best Of Drew-Blan

(Hey La Bah (Jay Nelson) / Darling, Here is My Heart (Peter Buck) / Emma Lee (Jimmy Dale) / Oh, Yes (I Know You Don't Love Me No More) (Peter Buck & the Dondaleers) / My Babe (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Shoestring (The Vikings) / Don't You Remember Me (Jay Nelson) / Let My Lover Go (Peter Buck) / Give My Heart Back To Me (Skinny Dynamo) / I Love You So Much (Peter Buck & the Dondaleers) / Siboney (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Believe In Me (Charles Leman) / I Want You To Know (Peter Buck) / Do We Have The Right (Jerry Raines) / My Bonnie (Jay Nelson) / If I Ask You (Peter Buck) / Ham Sandwich Twist (take 1) (Wayne & the Velvet Tones) / Do You Take Me For A Fool (Gilbert Giroir) / The Clock (Peter Buck) / Can't Take No More (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Dearest Darling (Peter Buck) / Loan Me A Handkerchief (Earl King) / My Confession (Allen Orange) / So Deep (Peter Buck) / Love (All Because of You) (Allen Orange) / Down the Road (Charles Leman) / Baby Please (Jay Nelson) / That's Enough (Peter Buck) / Over the Waves (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Congratulations to You, Darling (Gilbert Giroir) / Don't You Lie to Me (Skinny Dynamo) / World of Misery (Peter Buck) / Love Me Now (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Crazy Over Daisy (Jay Nelson) / With Mustard Twist (Wayne & the Velvet Tones) / My Pride & Joy (Jimmy Dale) / Does She Love Me (Allen Orange) / Things Won't Be the Same (Jay Nelson) / Pledging My Love (Peter Buck) / Bye Bye Baby (Charles Leman) / Salute to Popeye (Wayne & the Velvetones) / Don't Let Me Cross Over (Peter Buck) / If You Had A Woman Like Mine (Drew-Blan All Stars) / Tell Me (What Do You Think of That) (Drew-Blan All Stars) / Driving Wheel (Drew-Blan All Stars) / I Can't Wait Any Longer (Earl King) / Shiek of Arabi (Peter Buck) / Let My Lover Go (Earl King) / All In My Mind (Peter Buck) / Leave Me Alone  (Allen Orange))

Thanks go to Dr. Hepcat:
Disc 1:
Disc 2:


Alex said...

Many thanks Dr. Hepcat

Anonymous said...


Picked up already from "home" Yahoo! Music group. Just waiting to listen to it with drooling anticipation. Interested, here is Yahoo! Group. Free membership but need to be a member to D/L any music. Check it out, & please leave a Message if you join:


Ciao! For now.