Zippyshare and VPN

I know that Zippyshare is a problem in a lot of countries but I'm sticking to it and for the following reasons:
1. large files can be uploaded
2. it's fast
3. no download limits
5. I can follow the number of downloads

The solution to your problem is to use free or paid VPN software extensions for your browser. I use TouchVPN for Chrome but there are plenty of other ones out there to choose from.
It's not rocket science and if you can download and listen to mp3's all day you are capable of using simple VPN extensions.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ricky Allen - Remember The Time

1. You'd better be sure
2. You were my Teacher
3. From you
4. Remember the Time
5. Ouch!
6. I don't get it
7. I wanna hear from you
8. Heart breaking
9. Cut you a-loose
10. Faith
11. Early in the Morning
12. Catch up with your Crowd
13. Eighty Hour week
14. Can I come back home
15. Help me Mama
16. The big Fight
17. Little by Little
18. Going or coming
19. I have made a change
20. Messed around and fell in Love
21. I ain't never
22. Hurt look on my Face
23. It's Love Baby
24. Step down
25. I'm a real thankful Man
26. I can't stand no signifying
27. Just you and me
28. Nothing in the World can hurt me
29. What do you do
30. It's a Mess I tell you
31. Skate Boo-Ga-Loo



soulpapa said...

New to me....thanks!

Lou Cypher said...

@Xyros: Ditto! Thank you very much!

ramson said...

Great thanks!!