Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Slim Harpo - Trigger Finger

A1 Wondering And Worryin' 2:03
A2 Strange Love 2:10
A3 You'll Be Sorry One Day 2:20
A4 One More Day 2:22
A5 Late Last Night 2:32
A6 Buzzin' 2:07
A7 Sittin' Here Wondering 3:06
A8 What's Goin' On Baby 2:45
B1 Please Don't Turn Me Down 2:55
B2 Tip On In (Part 2) 2:32
B3 I Just Can't Leave You 3:16
B4 That's Why I Love You 3:05
B5 Just For You 3:27
B6 I've Got My Finger On Your Trigger 1:59
B7 The Price Is Too High 2:08
B8 Rainin' In My Heart 2:31

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Ballas said...

Thank you very much for this excellent post.

Anonymous said...

la voz mas adictiva del blues. Muchisimas gracias

muddyw123 said...

Indeed excellent! TX.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this, also Hartmut #49.

Kurt hricz said...

Thanks a lot, another never-seen-before item, great...

Carolinashagger said...

Thank You! I have never heard this one!

Francisco Hernández said...

Fabulous, thanks so much.

pino said...

Thank You Very Much

aliceetre said...

reuplod please?

Beemer said...

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.

muddyw123 said...

Another rare gem! TX!