Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange 2:56
Walkin' In The Rain 2:20
Dearest 2:55
In My Heart 2:10
Mommy Out De Light 2:37
Love Is A Treasure 2:34
Two Shadows On Your Window 2:41
Love Will Make You Fail In School 2:42
No Good Lover 2:53
I'm Going Home 2:20


muddyw123 said...

Nice Collector's Item 1965!

Anonymous said...

Great tunes! Thank you, Froggie

Xyros said...

Glad both of you enjoyed this Lp. Some nice tunes on it.

aliceetre said...

reupload please?

pino said...

Thank you ..!!

Nappyrags said...

Mucho Grass!