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Friday, September 22, 2017

Charlie Lincoln & Willie Baker - Atlanta Blues 1927-1930

1 –Charley Lincoln Jealous Hearted Blues 3:35
2 –Charley Lincoln Hard Luck Blues 3:27
3 –Charley Lincoln Mojoe Blues 3:20
4 –Charley Lincoln My Wife Drove Me From My Door 3:22
5 –Charley Lincoln Country Breakdown 3:08
6 –Charley Lincoln Chain Gang Trouble 2:58
7 –Charley Lincoln If It Looks Like Jelly Shakes Like Jelly It Must Be     Gelatine 3:06
8 –Charley Lincoln Ugly Papa 2:38
9 –Charlie Lincoln* Depot Blues 3:03
10 –Charlie Lincoln* Gamblin' Charley 3:04
11 –Charlie Lincoln* Doodle Hole Blues 3:17
12 –Charlie Lincoln* Mama Don't Rush Me 3:04
13 –Willie Baker Mama Don't Rush Me Blues 2:52
14 –Willie Baker No No Blues 2:50
15 –Willie Baker Weak-Minded Blues 2:46
16 –Willie Baker Bad Luck Moan 3:02
17 –Willie Baker Ain't It A Good Thing? 2:53
18 –Willie Baker Crooked Woman Blues 3:17
19 –Willie Baker Rag Baby 3:18
20 –Willie Baker Weak-Minded Woman 2:56
21 –Willie Baker Sweet Petunia Blues

NMR, thanks go to the original poster


Xyros said...

A Sunday morning balls up with the links. Thank you to you all for letting me know. Link is now the correct one.

Skinnymon said...

still, you got it right. thank you

Aging Child said...

Thanks, Xyros - I was missing a couple of these tracks. Have a great week!

Quotes And Sayings said...

Amazing post

Jorge Chiclero said...

I missed it. Can you please re-up? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

enjoying both these artists. Didn't realise how similar to barbecue bob (yo yo blues vs willie baker no-no blues)