Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Various - River Town Blues Plus

1 Don Hines I'm So Glad
2 Don Hines Baby, Tell It Like It Is
3 Don Hines Stormy Monday
4 Don Hines Please Accept My Love
5 Don Hines You Had To Pay
6 Don Hines Trouble Is My Name
7 Big Amos Patton He Won't Bite Me Twice
8 Big Amos Patton Move With Me Baby
9 Big Amos Patton Going To Vietnam
10 Big Amos Patton I'm Gone
11 Big Amos Patton Dog Man
12 Big Amos Patton You're Too Young
13 Big Lucky Carter Stop Arguin' Over Me
14 Big Lucky Carter Miss Betty Green
15 Big Lucky Carter Goofer Dust
16 Big Lucky Carter I've Been Hurt
17 Big Lucky Carter Please Don't Leave
18 Big Lucky Carter You'd Better Mind
19 Joe Lee Carter Please Mr Foreman
20 Joe Lee Carter As The Years Go Passing By
21 Joe Lee Carter I Can't Stand It
22 Joe Lee Carter Let Me Know
23 Don Bryant Don't Turn Your Back On Me
24 Don Bryant The Call Of Distress
25 Don Bryant Is That Asking Too Much?
26    Don Bryant There Is Something On Your Mind
27 Willie Mitchell Prayer Meeting
28 Gene Miller I Was Wrong
29 Gene Miller What Do You Mean
30 George Jackson Aretha, Sing One For Me


Jean-Jacques MURA said...

It's very kind. I warmly thank you Xyros. I'm already listening. Very nice !

Anton Lijs said...

Sweet One, Thank You So Much !

George said...

this one looks really interesting - can't wait to listen!

lapiedra52 said...

Link is dead

Xyros said...

Looks like links are dying on me but no worry, here's a new link.

Anonymous said...

Saludos, me puede ayudar con el link por favor. Gracias

Anonymous said...

Gracias por el LInk, excelente Album. Saludos