Sunday, December 31, 2017

Various - Sick & Tired

A1 –Smiley Lewis - It's So Peaceful
A2 –Smiley Lewis - The Rocks
A3 –Tony Allen  - Forgive Me
A4 –Lord Luther - A Thinkin' Man's Girl
A5 –Chuck Carbo - Poor Boy
A6 –James "Sugar Boy" Crawford - She's The One
A7 –Faye Adams - Keeper Of My Heart
B1 –Bobby Mitchell  - I Love To Hold You
B2 –Bobby Mitchell  - I Try So Hard
B3 –Bobby Mitchell  - Try Rock & Roll
B4 –Bobby Mitchell  - I'm In Love
B5 –Bobby Mitchell - I Wish I Knew
B6 –Bobby Mitchell  - Nothing Sweet As You
B7 –Chris Kenner  - Sick And Tired

KansasJoe post:


Bob Mac said...

One I haven't seen before...many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much Kansas Joe & Xyros !
Happy fresh Year 2018 !
- Jay from North.