Sunday, January 21, 2018

Various - New Orleans Rarities

A1 –Little Booker Doing The Hambone 2:29
A2 –Little Booker Thinking About My Baby 2:45
A3 –Leonard Lee Tryin' To Fool Me 2:16
A4 –Leonard Lee When The Sun Goes Down 2:56
A5 –Elmore Nixon Don't Do It 2:29
A6 –Elmore Nixon The Women 2:54
A7 –Earl Curry Somebody Stole My Girl From Me 2:15
A8 –Johnny Fuller Stop, Look And Listen 2:05
A9 –Bobby Mitchell (2) You're Going To Be Sorry 1:55
A10 –Bobby Mitchell (2) Hearts Of Fire 2:08
B1 –Little Sonny Jones Winehead Baby 2:12
B2 –Little Sonny Jones I Got Booted 2:13
B3 –Little Sonny Jones Tend To Your Business Blues 2:14
B4 –Ray Lewis And The Four Bars Jealous Blues 2:28
B5 –Ray Lewis And The Four Bars When You Were Mine 2:23
B6 –Jimmy Gil North Wind 2:25
B7 –Jimmy Gil Gather 'Round 2:30
B8 –Bobby Marchan Have Mercy 2:17
B9 –Bobby Marchan Just A Little Walk 2:25
B10 –Blazer Boy Mornin' Train 2:36
C1 –Smilin' Joe Living On Borrowed Time 2:35
C2 –Smilin' Joe Love Sick Soul 2:27
C3 –Fats Matthews Goin' Down 2:31
C4 –Fats Matthews Down The Line 2:25
C5 –Fats Matthews You Know It 2:21
C6 –Blazer Boy Joe's Kid Sister 2:44
C7 –Little Bubber Never Trust A Woman 2:25
C8 –Little Bubber Runnin' Round 2:25
C9 –Billy Tate Single Life 2:13
C10 –Billy Tate You Told Me 2:35
D1 –Guitar Slim And His Band Cryin' In The Morning 2:28
D2 –Guitar Slim And His Band Woman Troubles 2:38
D3 –Guitar Slim And His Playboys* New Arrival 2:30
D4 –Guitar Slim And His Playboys* Standin' At The Station 2:38
D5 –Lil' Willie Gibson* Why 2:11
D6 –Lil' Willie Gibson* Brother Bill 2:30
D7 –Boo Breeding Country Woman 2:38
D8 –Boo Breeding Low And Lonesome 2:49
D9 –Chris Kenner I Have News For You 2:18
D10 –Chris Kenner Will You Be Mine 2:01

KansasJoe posting: 

You have to have this one.


Nappyrags said...

Thanks for this

Nappyrags said...

Oops, goofed that up! Anyways thanks for this fine offering...

Daddy Cool said...

xyros52 & KansasJoe,
Looks like the Christmas presents are still coming!
Thanks for this and the Cookie album - two rarities and very welcome additions.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks from me too, nice collection.

pmac said...

Familiar with all of the artists, but many of the songs are new to me (Life long New Orleanian). Many, many thanks!

clash said...

Many gems on this. Thanks!

Rob said...

Awesome stuff...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

I too am anonymous.

Charles D said...

Thanks for this collection.