Saturday, August 1, 2020

Rockin' Sydney - They Call Me Rockin' (Repost)

A1 She's My Morning Coffee
A2 I'm Calling You
A3 They Call Me Rockin'
A4 I'm Walking Out
A5 My Little Girl
A6 Don't Say Goodbye
A7 Past Bedtime
A8 Send Me Some Lovin'
B1 It Really Is A Hurtin' Thing
B2 If I Could I Would
B3 No Good Woman
B4 You Ain't Nothing But Fine
B5 You Don't Have To Go
B6 Wasted Days And Wasted Nights
B7 Ya Ya



Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Great stuff.

PS There's two dead tracks at the end where the needle got stuck in the groove.

Xyros said...

Thanks to anonymous for letting me know about 2 dead tracks. You can now enjoy sevearl minutes of the runout groove of side 2 or just delete them.

Anonymous said...

Hello from france ! (sorry for my poor english :-(
In first, Very good blog !!! (I'm Louisiana fan) Fantastic Lp's I Find Here !
Can you repost this rockin' Sidney ? The Linkis dead :-(((((
Thank a lot & see you soon here ! ! ! The Redevil

jdogg said...

Please re-up this link. I love Swamp Pop, Zydeco etc. These albums are impossible to find, even in Lake Charles.

Xyros said...

Once again late in replying but Megaupload was working today.

A reminder to report dead links in the Chatbox only.

Unknown said...

Any chance this link and the other dead ones in the Swamp Pop label can be re-upped? Thanks, Sam

Anonymous said...

thank you for these fine goldband lps

Pete said...

Xyros, could you re-post the Rockin' Sidney Flyright LP


Pete said...

Xyros, thanks for the re-post


ad said...

Hello,could you please repost this..many thanks

snakeboy said...

Rockin' on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks so much.

imnokid said...

Thanx for this. Sold my vinyl some time back.