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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Various - Red River Blues 1934-1943

1. When I Lie Down - Blind Joe
2. In Trouble - Blind Joe
3. Trouble - Reese Crenshaw
4. Poor Joe Breakdown - Robert Davis
5. Not Satisfied - Jimmie Owens
6. Red River Blues - Willie Williams
7. Barrel House Blues - J. Wilson
8. Goin' to Richmond - Jimmie Strothers
9. Mama You Goin' to Quit Me - Allison Mathis
10. Fort Valley Blues - Smith Band
11. War Song - Buster Brown
12. Milk Cow Blues - Gus Gibson
13. Po' Boy Long Way from Home - Sonny Chestain
14. I'm Gonna Make You Happy - Buster Brown
15. Railroad Song - Gus Gibson
16. Southern Rag - James Sneed's Washboard Band
17. John Henry - Allison Mathis & Jesse Stroller
18. Talking in Sebastopol - Gabriel Brown
19. Alabama Blues (Part 1) - Booker T. Sapps
20. The Weeping Worry Blues - Booker T. Sapps
21. Levee Camp Holler - Willy Flowers
22. Boot that Thing - Booker T. Sapps

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Anonymous said...

NMR and Xyros,
Thanks for what appears to be indeed
very interesting collection.
Best wishes !
- Jay from North.

muddyw123 said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks , this is great !!!

Anonymous said...

I missed out a few years back when Alan Lomax - a southern journey 13cd was posted. any chance anyone has vol 1 and 5?