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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Little Brother Montgomery - Blues (re-post)

A1 Pleading Blues
A2 Vicksburg 44
A3 Early One Morning
A4 Now About That Prisoner
A5 Crescent City Blues
A6 Pallet On The Floor
A7 West 46th Street Boogie
B1 Louisiana Rag
B2 I Ain't No Bulldog
B3 Mean Old Mama
B4 London Shout
B5 Storyville Blues
B6 L&N Boogie
B7 It's All Over Now

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! The liner notes for both LPs are downloadable from the Smithsonian website:

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Little Brother was certainly one of the great of the piano blues. His Bluesville album with Lafayette Thomas (yes!) is also very good

frank said...

thanks for this great stuff. any chances in having crescent city blues posted?

Nappyrags said...

Thanks mucho

Steve Stelling said...

No other voice quite like his. Thanks. I never see this one. Farro Street Jive is the Folkways title I see once in awhile. Never this one. Thanks.

muddyw123 said...


jjeconomist said...

Thanks for this. Much appreciated.