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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Various - Shouters, Roots Of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 9

A1 Gatemouth Moore – It Ain't Mad At You
A2 Gatemouth Moore – Did You Ever Love A Woman
A3 Gatemouth Moore – I'm Going Way Back Home
A4 Gatemouth Moore – Walkin' My Blues
A5 Gatemouth Moore – Bum-Dee.Ra-Dee
A6 Gatemouth Moore – They Can't Do This To You
A7 Gatemouth Moore – Love Doctor Blues
A8 Gatemouth Moore – Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning
B1 Chicago Carl Davis – In The Dozens
B2 Chicago Carl Davis – Sure Like To Run
B3 Chicago Carl Davis – She's My Baby
B4 Chicago Carl Davis – Notoriety woman
B5 Eddie Mack – Last Hour Blues
B6 Eddie Mack – Seven Day Blues
B7 Eddie Mack – Good Time Woman
B8 Eddie Mack – Key Hole Blues
C1 H-Bomb Ferguson – Slowly Goin' Crazy
C2 H-Bomb Ferguson – Peachin' The Blues
C3 H-Bomb Ferguson – Sundown Blues
C4 H-Bomb Ferguson – Good Lovin'
C5 H-Bomb Ferguson – Give It Up
C6 H-Bomb Ferguson – Big City Blues
C7 H-Bomb Ferguson – Bookie Blues
C8 H-Bomb Ferguson – My Brown Fame Baby
D1 Nappy Brown – There'll Come A Day
D2 Nappy Brown – Well Well Baby
D3 Nappy Brown – Am I
D4 Nappy Brown – Love Locks
D5 Nappy Brown – Sittin' In The Dark
D6 Nappy Brown – Pleasing You
D7 Nappy Brown – Love Baby
D8 Nappy Brown – The Right Time

KansasJoe post:
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LP2 :


Anonymous said...

KansasJoe & Xyros !
What a wonderful comp.
Napoleon Brown & the other fellows.
Judging by this VOL,(i.e. numer 9),
a great serie. Thanks very much.
(by the way are the other vols as good?).
- Jay from the North.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks Xyros & KJ for this and the Snooks.

muddyw123 said...

Great. Nice documented too. Thank you.

Nappyrags said...

Wow thanks mucho for this

Anonymous said...


As "Jay from the North" (North of WHERE?! THE 49th? = IN Canada maybe?)says "...are the other vols as good?" In other words, possible to please U/L vols. 1-8 & maybe any others AFTER #9? Just hoping....

Ciao! For now.
rntcj (YEAH! North of 49th!)