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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Big Joe Williams - Blues From The Mississippi Delta

A1 Dedication To Otis Spann (Blues On Decoration Day) 4:42
A2 Got To Put You Down 4:30
A3 Juanita Blues 2:59
A4 '71 Cadillac Blues 4:12
A5 Christmas Blues 3:20
A6 European Trip Blues (Around The World Blues) 2:44
B1 Rap Session (Al Smith & Country Joe) 8:18
B2 Jump, Jump Julie 3:33
B3 Lookie Here, Baby 3:38
B4 Vitamin B Blues 4:00



Ballas said...

Thank you very much for posting the album - I've been looking for this at leasr 10 years!

Pépé said...

Great great thanks Xyros, I was looking for this one since many years

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks for this one Xyros.

muddyw123 said...




Xyros said...

Only bought this one to help complete the label collection as it is not a very good production. Hate the fuzzy guitar stuck in the background

Gerard Herzhaft said...

The backing was provided by rock musicians. The idea was Al Smith's: record a "psychedelic" Big Joe Williams album to cope up with the commercially successful LP's produced by Marshall Chess with Muddy and the Wolf. Sloppy session with no rehearsal, poor studio and cheap pressings. The sales were very low. In fact, neither Smith nor Big Joe liked the album and they together made it much better for their next cooperation this time at Muscle Shoals studios with a good rhythm section (Don't your plums look mellow's Bluesway LP).

Xyros said...

Thank you Gerard, you're info sums up the Lp and production perfectly. Though the pressing is better than I thought it would be.